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What people that achieve Results, Do !! - The First Step when starting your Fitness Journey.

It is awesome to see that you have finally decided to change your life for the better.. to start your Fitness journey .. to change your life for the better.. to get FIT !!

(If you are reading this, I am assuming you've either decided to get fit or are already on the path) 

When I say Fitness, I mean either going to the Gym or any place else, or doing functional training i.e. some form of Resistance Training that challenges your Body's muscles, just the same way that running challenges your Heart, which too is a muscle like any other.

Now let's see what most people do at the start of their Fitness journey: 
  1. Join a Gym
  2. Join a Gym and go to the gym
  3. Join a Gym and go to the Gym regularly 
Awesome if you're one of the people , part of point 3 above, Good for you !

Chances are you will soon slip into being a part of the group in point 1 & 2 , if you don't do the following activity I'll be talking about.

Ever thought , what makes people quit working out? why do they hate it so much? Why do people give up so soon? 

So you look around & see so many people in your locality you've been seeing "Walking" daily.. but seem to be getting nowhere. You see so many people "Working Out " daily, but seem to be getting no where.

But let me tell you one thing.. these people are wayyy wayy ahead of people not doing anything, that's for sure.

So, why then, do so many people not reach their goals, in spite of putting in so much effort, day after day, month after month & year after year. ?? 

It's because, they themselves don't know what they are Striving for!! 
What they are working for.. !! what they are grinding for.. !!

It's so unfortunate to see so many people , putting in so much work only to be disheartened & eventually give up on their dreams, when all it takes is one thing... Identifying & Specifying the dream in as much details as possible... so that you know how to achieve it!

Most people start working out to "Get Fit"  ... or to "Improve their fitness" or " Look better" or " run faster" etc. 

But this isn't enough..and This is not only about Fitness, we do this in our regular life too.. we think about making "More money"  living  the "Good Life" .. having the " Best of things" in life etc. 

But you are really really not going anywhere with such mediocre vague goals in mind..
it is important to face the reality of WHY we don't think specific Goals.. 
the truth is.. WE ARE SCARED.. yes, we are scared of thinking a particular specific Goal and not achieving it.. we are scared of dreaming big and specially specifically big in terms of numbers & not achieving it.. think about it..
Here's a quick reality check!

Just tell yourself " I own a 7000 sqft Duplex in BKC , valued at 30 crores". You are laughing at this , right? you feel this is unattainable , right? That's the real issue. You don't think it is achievable , so you never will , really, achieve it..

This is true for everything in life.. Now think about all the things you have achieved..You'll realize that you achieved all of those things, because in your heart, you really thought you could achieve it, you could see it.. clearly, specifically with all the details and hence, You really achieved it!

So, is the truth, in case of your Fitness Journey.

So, get your Pen & a fresh Fitness Note Book out and write down your Specific Dream !!

I am not talking about " Losing weight.. Looking better.. Being fit " nonsense.
I am talking about Real Dreams, Real Goals, that will push you to the next steps of making a Real Plan, Because, " Going to the gym daily " is not a plan!!

So, here's what your Goal and next steps should look like: 

I personally did this at the start of my fitness Journey: 

  1.  12th December 2015: I am currently weighing 91 Kgs and my Goal is to lose 16 Kgs and reach my target weight of 75 kgs
  2.  Assuming a healthy FAT loss of 0.5 kg  per week, I will achieve this in the next 32 weeks i.e. 8 months from today
  3. I will reach my target weight by 23rd July 2016. 
Here's what my journey is: 
Sr no. Date Weight
1 12-Dec-15 91
2 19-Dec-15 90.5
3 26-Dec-15 90
4 02-Jan-16 89.5
5 09-Jan-16 89
6 16-Jan-16 88.5
7 23-Jan-16 88
8 30-Jan-16 87.5
9 06-Feb-16 87
10 13-Feb-16 86.5
11 20-Feb-16 86
12 27-Feb-16 85.5
13 05-Mar-16 85
14 12-Mar-16 84.5
15 19-Mar-16 84
16 26-Mar-16 83.5
17 02-Apr-16 83
18 09-Apr-16 82.5
19 16-Apr-16 82
20 23-Apr-16 81.5
21 30-Apr-16 81
22 07-May-16 80.5
23 14-May-16 80
24 21-May-16 79.5
25 28-May-16 79
26 04-Jun-16 78.5
27 11-Jun-16 78
28 18-Jun-16 77.5
29 25-Jun-16 77
30 02-Jul-16 76.5
31 09-Jul-16 76
32 16-Jul-16 75.5
33 23-Jul-16 75

Suddenly, you now think it is achievable, don't you?? 

Now, the next steps: How do you lose 500 gms of fat per week?

Again, Get into the Specifics !!

  1. Measure your body Fat percentage:  
    You need to know, how much importance you need to give to WEIGHT & to BODY FAT
  2. Say your body fat percentage is 25%, here's how you calculate your BMR.
    BMR or Basal Metbolic Rate
    is the amount of calories your body burns every day for his normal body functioning (Basal Metabolic Rate)  i.e. Respiration , Cardiovascular function, digestion, moving around , internal body chemical reactions , to maintain body temperature and for millions of other things that happen inside our bodies.
  3. For Men: 1.0 x bodyweight (kg) x 24 = A
  4. For Women: 0.9 x bodyweight (kg) x 24 = A
  5. So, 1.0 x 91 x 24 = 1965 
  6. Multiply A with your "Lean Factor Multiplier" 
  7. Lean Factor Multiplier
  8. A x 0.9 ( assuming Male at 25% Body Fat%) =  B = BMR
  9. So, 1965 x 0.9 =  1769 = my BMR
  10. Now calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) , depending on your activity level throughout the Day
  11. So, BMR* Activity Multiplier = TDEE
  12. Daily Activity Multiplier
  13. So, Assuming I am moderately active ..i.e. with an Activity Multiplier of 1.6
  14. So, My BMR = 1769 Calories
  15. SO, My TDEE = BMR x 1.6 = 1769 x 1.6 = 2830
So, 2830 Calories is my Daily requirement of Food, if i want to neither Lose nor Gain weight.

Now , Coming back to the part of losing 0.5 kg of Fat every week.

  1. My BMR = 1769
  2. My TDEE= 2830
  3. I eat food for 7 days  ..Assuming there are 7 days in our lives :)  .. which actually is !
  4. 1 pound of Fat is approximately 3500 Calories
  5. So, I have to create a deficit of 3500  Calories in 7 days i.e. 1 week.
  6. So 3500 Dicided by 7 i.e 3500/7 = 500 Calories of Deficit every day 
  7. Hence to lose 1 Pound of Fat approx 0.5 kg every week, I need to consume 2830 - 500 = 2330 Calories every day

There You have it, You need to consume 2330 Calories every day to help you reach a Goal of losing 0.5 Kgs every week !!

If you do the above calculations , there is no place for Results to Hide !!
After all, Fat Loss is no Magic, but simple Math & Science.

And Yes, the best of Nutritionists & Fitness Trainers follow this methodically for Guaranteed Results.
I am not talking about the " Half cut fruits & hand full of peanuts .. and Cup of Black Coffee etc .." But the real ones!

Yes, unless you want to end up disappointed , you will have to this.

Hence.. Get off your Butt.. Get a Pen.. Get a Notebook, Get a Calculator & get into the Details. There is no running away from this if you want sure shot Guaranteed Results week after week.

As for me, I'm figuring out , how to buy that 30 cr. Duplex in BKC.. 

Other people living next o me in the same paparazzi proof complex are .. Uday Kotak, Gautam Adani , Sonam Kapoor  , Aishwarya Bachhan & Vikram Pandit. ( they have already bough their Villas here) 


All the Best!


Saturday, October 31, 2015

StrataSoles Functional Training : For Improved Speed & Agility

My Last post was about Demystifying "Functional Training" . Once again, to summarize, Training done to get better at a specific Life function is precisely what Functional Training is.

One of the most used Life Function today is Walking & Running.
The Sehelanthropus (Extint Species ,of course), is the oldest known evidence backed specie known for Walking, over 7 Million Years Ago. Since then, there have been numerous adaptations in the Human Body to make it stronger to support Walking in the most efficient manner. Curve in Spine, Stronger Knees, Hip Support etc. are all a part of these Adaptations.

So this is a post about How we can further better our Gait, Speed, Agility & Strength in this Most widely used Life Function i.e. Walking/Running , using Basic Agility Drills & a Functional Training Tool that enables you to put just the right amount of Stress on the Muscles in the Legs, to make them Stronger without altering the natural Gait & without putting undue pressure on the joints, thus resulting in a Safe and efficient workout.

The StrataSoles™ Training System (STS) is a state of the art, premium, training system that includes a weighted pair of “training” insoles and a non-weighted pair  of “performance” 
insoles for competition or every day use. The “weighted” insole works on the principle of increasing the effects of the earth’s gravitational pull on the body  during training, thus increasing workload
and producing increased muscle strength. 

The weighted Insoles can be a part of your Training or everyday Walking/Running. 

In this case ,we call it  Lifestyle Strength Training .. since It is as " Functional " as Training can get. 
Simply put..You Train to Improve Performance with Every Stride with significantly reduced risk of Injury & Stress .

  1. Develop Functional Strength in the Sport's natural Range of Motion
  2. Can be worn during any sport’s practice or training activity without altering any movements or stride length.
  3. Weight is below the last point of the body , thus offering Maximum Resistance with resulting Benefits and Minimum chances of any sort of Injury and unnatural loading
  4. Improved Strength & Agility in the Body's natural Movement
  5. No external unnatural feeling of Weight clumsily clung to the body ( that happens in Ankle Weights/other Methods)
  6. Improves Performance in all Fitness Activities & Sports ( including Cricket, Athletics ,Football, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball etc.) except Chess & Carom 
The Following Speed & Agility Drills can be done using StrataSoles™: 

All these exercises must be done after a thorough warm up of  at-least 10-15 minutes of walking/jogging .
  1. Lateral Plyometric Jumps : Begin with nothing more than a line on the floor until you are comfortable with side-to-side jumping. Get into a squat position and quickly push upward and sideways to land gentle on the other side of the line. Repeat this back and forth jumping.Vary the speed and height of the jumps as you gain strength, Speed & become more agile
    Lateral Plyometric Jumps

  2. Shuttle Runs : The shuttle run is often used to measure the kind of endurance you need for stop-and-go sports such as football, hockey, basketball, tennis etc. . While it is a great way to track your progress, you can add shuttle runs into your training routine once a week and get a major interval training workout. Most of us did shuttle runs during Sports Day events in School. Set up markers (such as cones) 20 metres apart. Make sure you are warmed up, or add this drill to the end of an easy jog.Sprint from one marker to the other and back. That's one repetition. Do 6 repetitions as fast as you can . Time your result for the entire 6 repetitions. Then Rest 5 minutes.
    Repeat .Add the times for each run together and divide by two to find the average time. Record this time. You can use this test monthly to track your progress over time.
  3. Forward Running, High­Knee Drill with/without Ladder : This drill is great for improving foot speed and coordination for all field sport athletes. Run with high knees forward through the ladder, touching every ladder space. Land on the balls of the feet and drive forward with your arms.

  4. Lateral Running, Side­to­Side Drill with/without Ladder: The lateral movement of this drill is great for court­ sports and improves knee and ankle stability as well. Keep a low center of gravity and step side ­to­ side through the ladder one foot at a time. Touch in each rung of the ladder with both feet. Land on the balls of the feet and repeat right to left and left to right.
    Ladder Drill
  5. Forward & Backward Sprints : Set up two markers about 10 metres apart. After a good warm up, sprint forward from the first cone to the far cone.Stop at the far cone and run or jog backwards to the start.Stop and quickly accelerate in a sprint back to the far cone. Repeat for ten repetitions.

  6. Tuck Jumps:  Stand with feet shoulder width and knees slightly bent. Bend your knees and powerfully jump straight up bringing your knees toward your chest while in midair. Grasp your knees quickly with your arms and let go,Upon landing immediately repeat the next jump.
    Tuck Jumps

  7. Stair Running:  While not technically an agility drill, running stairs is a great way to develop quickness and foot speed while getting an excellent interval workout. Running stairs provides a cardiovascular benefit similar to that of running and is a great way to build sprint power. Many athletes train at a stadium of a local outdoor stair way with about a hundred steps.
All these Agility Drills can be used to get Better at one of the most Primal and most used Movement by the Human Body.. Let's Get Stronger and Better at it !


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Demystifying Functional Training

To understand what Functional Training is, let's break the word.. It's really simple and self explanatory. Training done to get better at a specific Life function is precisely what Functional Training is. 

The origins of Functional training lie in Sports Rehab /general Rehab /recovery Training.
In a rehab program, Training was done to improve day to day Functional movements like Walking, Turning your body , Pushing , Pulling etc. Typically movements that one performs in their day to day actions.

These movements i.e. Running, Jumping, Turning, Twisting , Bending , Lunging etc. are performed in the 3 planes of the Body movement i.e. Sagittal ( Plane Dividing the body into left and right) , Coronal/Frontal ( Plane Dividing the body into front & back)  and Transverse ( Plane perpendicularly cutting the body).

Example of movements performed in each of the planes: 
  1. Saggital Plane : Running, Squats,Bicep Curls
  2. Frontal Plane: Lateral Raises, Side bends
  3. Transverse Plane: Push ups, Bench Press, Twisting of the body , Discuss throw action

Discuss Throwing action

Example of one body ( Biceps)  part in all 3 planes:    
  1. Saggital Plane : Standing Bicep Curls
  2. Frontal Plane: Cable Side Biceps 
  3. Transverse Plane: Concentration Curls
    Standing Bicep Curls
Cable Side Bicep Curls

Concentration Curls

So, outside the Gym, our body performs , all kinds of movements in all the three Planes of Motion.
Hence, it only makes sense to train your body in all planes of motion through movements that go across all the three planes, movements that are natural to the body and mimic daily natural movements. 

Let me give you a simple example of Traditional vs Functional Training: 

Take into consideration , an exercise for working your triceps , that you see a lot of people perform in the gym... The Tricep Kickback.

Here's how it's done:

Now, there's nothing wrong with doing this exercise except that it's not required !
I'll tell you why it isn't required. Because it isn't Functional. How many times in the real world , outside the gym are you going to be using this movement..? Never! That's because the movement is going beyond the Body's natural average Range of Motion.
Now you may say, "What if I want to hand over something to somebody standing behind me?"
To that I'd say , you should turn around and hand over .

Now, if you turn around and hand over something to somebody, it will result in the following action:

This action is nothing but a front raise...So, if you want to get stronger in handing over things to people, do Front raises instead of Tricep Kickbacks.

On a serious note, let's do an apples to apples ..

To work your tricep functionally consider these exercise: 

The Tricep pushdown: 

The above movement is very functional and you will see yourself performing this movement every time you sit.. get up.. at times with one hand.. or at times with both .

Another functional exercise for the triceps is: the close grip Push up (close grip push ups)

Again, you'll see yourself performing this action frequently, while lying down.. getting out of bed pushing a door ( you're standing, but the movement and action is the same) etc. This too is a very functional exercise. 

Any movement that mimics your regular day to day movements is a Functional Movement,
The goal of any fitness program should be to get you Functionally Fitter. Functional Fitness will improve your quality of life and make you stronger & efficient at performing routine tasks.

Disadvantages of Traditional Training : 
  1. Fixed Range of motion. Specifically on using Machines 
  2. Not mimicking daily functional movements
  3. Can lead to muscular imbalances
  4. Shortening of Muscles
  5. Partial activation of muscle fibres
  6. Works only a specific muscle
Advantages of Functional Training: 
  1. Mimicking the body's natural daily movements
  2. Complete muscle activation
  3. Engaging more number of Muscles including the ones supporting the main exercise
  4. Improves posture 
  5. Results in development of Longer and more Natural looking muscles 
  6. Helps prevent injuries

Consider another example: Squats vs Leg Extentsions

Leg Extension

Both , Squats as well as Leg Extensions, majorly target the same Muscle i.e. the Quadriceps
  1. The Squat is what will make you stronger and easier at getting up from the Sofa 
  2. Squat will simultaneously work the Hamstrings, the Glutes, Calves and loads of other small Muscles that work to support the Squat movement & execute it correctly
Any functional exercise/movement, will activate maximum number of Muscles to successfully execute a purposeful movement. 

So find out or invent functional movements to perform and get stronger to work towards your goal of getting stronger for a specific purposeful movement instead of sticking to traditional training. 

All the Best!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Sir, Aaj Kya Maaru?" & Other Crazy things you'll hear in Indian Gyms

Yup.. I have some pretty crazzy stuff that I've heard over the years in Indian Gyms. Here are some interesting stories. Now I'm gonna use a lot of Hinglish (Hindi+English) in this post , else the post will not be effective enough.. Yenjoy!

To Begin with , Indian Gym Trainers & Guys in the gym have a peculiar way of Motivating others to Push through the Set & the last few Reps.. You must know these .. These are the basics of Surviving in an Indian Gym.

The first few are just Single words that play a big role in your workouts:
  1. Kheech!!  (Pull) : This one Tops the Charts, when it comes to motivational screaming.. Now Imagine somebody screaming "Kheech" the way Sunny Deol would in his action movies.. Yes.. That's the way people motivate each other in the gym in the middle of a set.. Kheech!!.. Come-on... Kheech!! Kheeeeeeeeeeeeeeechhh!!
  2. LAU-LEE ( Lovely!) This is Lovely, with a peculiar accent. Typically used at the end of a good lift or end of a good set .. One.. Two.. three... Nine.. Last, Ten... Drop the weights & scream.. LAU-LEEEEEEE!!!!
  3. Yus (Yes) : Yus is nothing but Yes.. this is simple , Yes , only with a peculiar accent .. Yus .. (Rhyming with Mango Pulp or "Aaam Rus".. Yus.. Rus. Usage is simply while counting the Reps : One... Yus... Two.. Yuss.. Three Yusss and it goes on..
  4. Dabaa (Press) : What the??!! Where did this come from?? Dabaa!! ... and apparently the right usage of this is,  along with a couple of Kheeches .. you put in a train of Dabaas..
    Something like... One.. Kheech! Two.. Daba Daba Dabaa..Three!

    Now here's how all this falls together:
    YUS...Three... Kheech!!..
    Yus .. Four..
    Yus Yuss...Five  
    Come-on.. Daba Daba Six
    Daba Daba Seven Dabaaaaaaa.. Eight Kheech!! Nine Yus!! LAst one Come-onnnnn Ten!!*Set Ends*

Now that you know the Basics, let's get into some complex Stuff :) 
  1. Beer Peeke Body Banaaneka!! : Yup.. You'll be surprized at how many people actually believe this. I've seen guys making a plan to go out immediately post workout and diligently gulp down Mugs of Beers back to back in the hopes of gaining Muscle and getting Bigger. This belief may be stemming from the fact that Beer infact has a lot of Carbs packed in it & since you're tired after a heavy workout, a chilled Beer Relaxes you and also Relaxes you :)
  2. Person 1 :  Woh Shaam ko aataay.. Uska Body Dekha Kya??
    Person2 : Abbey Tochha liya hai..Tochha!!  (Tocha = Injection = Steroids)

    People refuse to acknowledge that somebody can actually put in the hard-work that goes into building an aesthetically pleasing physique and work even harder at maintaining it. I have seen a lot of people who day after day, month after month put in the time energy & efforts required to build a great Body .. and Yes, with the right Training , Nutrition & Rest it is't impossible .. and they haven't consumed Beer or taken any Tochas! So, all you jealous guys out there, ut in the effort & you'll see fantastic results too.
  3. Capsule Khaake Body Banaya hai : Capsule here is Steroids.. This is a variation of the Tocha phrase
  4. Andheri.. Vile Parle.. Santacruz.. Khar... Bandra : Believe it or not, this was one Trainer's way of making his client do Push-Ups & count them.. (instead of 1,2,3) and then at Dadar he screams.. Chalo Churchgate tak jaaneka hai!! Hats off Boss.. Funny, but very innovative !
  5. Gym Stop nai karneka , nai to Sab Muscle Fat mein Badal jaataay: Now this is crazy, as Fat and Muscle are two chemically different compounds / objects with two very different roles and functions in the body and they are not inter convertible.. Here's more on this Subject in a different post of mine: What Happens when you stop going to the Gym ( )
  6.  Sir, Aaj Kya Maaru ? Don't overthink ! This is a family Blog. This question actually means, "Which body part should i workout today... Answer may be Chest Maar.. Back Maar.. Legs Maar etc.
  7. At times the Instructor may ask you.." Arrey Bohot time baad aaya.. Kya Maarega aaj , Bol?" Madness na??
  8. Sir, Pressure nai aaraay!! Again, don't overthink.  This isn't the morning Pressure you are thinking about.. By "Pressure" most people intend to convey the Contraction/ slight discomfort that you feel when you challenge your muscles.
Combine 7 & 8 , and you get to hear hilarious things like "Sir, Theek se Maar Raha Hu.. Lekin Pressure Nai Aaraay!! "

There's a lot more that I have in store.. But I'll stop here for now.. More on this Later.

So, Yup.. the Indian Gym is a full-on source of continuous entertainment.. Who Said , Going to the Gym is Boring??!!

Come- on.. Kheech!!


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bol na Bhushan..Healthy mein kya kya Khaaneka? - Options for Healthy Eating.

After "Batana Bhushan , EXERCISE  matlab kya kya karneka...",  "  HEALTHY FOOD matlab kya kya Khaaneka?" is another frequently asked question.

I don't blame anybody for thinking that eating "Healthy" is a big Puzzle, given that we are bombarded everyday with terms like, Probiotic, Low fat, Low sugar, Diet Food, Sugar Free, Carbs, Fats, Proteins, Glucose, RDA, Mono unsaturated Fats, Polyunsaturated fats, complex carbs , LDL/HDL cholestrol, Amino Acids, Trans Fats, Free radicals etc. etc. & the list goes on and on. To top it all, today we have products like Sugar Free cream biscuits Fat Free Chips also being promoted as healthy food.
So, I don't blame you for asking me "Par Healthy Matlab KYA?"

So, what exactly is Healthy eating? 

To begin with.. Healthy eating does not mean DIETING! 
Please be informed that there is no such thing as DIETING! Yes! While traditional school of thought & Wikipedia too states that  "Dieting is the practice of eating food in a regulated and supervised fashion to decrease, maintain, or increase body weight. " , simply put , the Whole world & every living organism in it follows his/her/its own DIET!

Your diet is only your regularly consumed food..Remember in school, when we studied.. What is the DIET of the people in South, West, North, East & other parts of India & the world..? This doesn't mean that everybody around the world is eating that food to lose or gain weight.. It simply means , that is their regular food that they consume regularly.

So, the next time somebody questions you "Are you on a diet" .. you can give a Sheldon-like reply  (for those who watch TBBT) "No.. I am eating healthy & trying to make this my Diet &  everybody is on their diet all year round and what you consume regularly is in fact nothing, but YOUR DIET!!" 

Now coming to "Healthy mein Kya Kya Khaaneka Yaar??" 

Usually, my first answer to this question is " Apna regular khaana re.. ".
Next question "Regular matlab kya yaar??" 

My second answer is.. "Yehi sab re.. apna ghar ka khaana" 
Next question.. " Ghar ka matlab.. Kya Kya  Yaar??" 
My third answer " Yehi sab reguar,,apna Roti Subzi Dal Rice .."

By this time, 8 out of 10 people lose interest & stop questioning me further. Ok Bye Bye.

Then there's another Group of People who on hearing " Yehi sab reguar,,apna Roti Subzi Dal Rice .." question loudly & aggressively , almost punching me in my face and shouting "RICE???" But how can you say this .. Rice??  But RICE IS NOT HEALTHY NA... to which my answer is " Everything is healthy when eaten in right proportion and Rice is a Good Source of Carbs.. espeially post workout it can do wonders!" 

Out of the above, some think I am a Fake Fitness Enthusiast (for promoting Rice) and walk away from there, because, that morning in BOMBAY TIMES, 3 Celebrities in an interview said that they don't consume Rice.. Ok Bye Bye. 

Now, Finally coming to the people who actually stick around and probe me further.. 
"Roti Subzi Dal Rice matlab Kya Kya?..aur Breakfast mein kya kya Khaaneka?" 

Remember Studying this in School ? 

So , here's my ready reckoner :

Healthy Breakfast Options:  
  • Oats 
  • Muesli 
  • Corn Flakes
  • Sprouts/Moong, 
  • Aloo Paratha ( Not fried /very oily)
  • Dahi /Curd
  • Dosa 
  • Upma 
  • Poha (My personal favourite) 
  • Veg Sandwich
  • Idli
  • Egg omlette
  • Egg Whites Omelette
  • Other Region specific Foods ( Dhokla, Chella, Dosa etc.)
  • Peanuts, Roasted Gram (Chana /Sing)
  • Wheat Khakras
One rule to live by for Breakfast. Eat a full, heavy breakfast that is less Oily. This will ensure you are up and full of energy throughout the day.. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever skip breakfast!!

Other Healthy Options that
  • Dry Fruits
    • Pistachio
    • Raisin
    • Dates
    • Cashew
    • Apricot
    • Almon
    • Fig
    • Walnut
To avoid over consumption, restrict yourself to not more than 10 units of these Dry Fruits in a sitting.
Dry Fruits , while rich in nutrients & Good fats are Dense in calories.And not more than 3-4 units of Fig & Dates at a time, these are even more Dense in Calories.

As a snack, one can have fruits like, Apples, Banana, Oranges, Watermelon, Papaya, Fig, Cantaloupe, Guava, Pomegranate, Mangoes, Kiwi, Grapes, Pear etc. 

These must be a part of your diet for adequate intake of Fibre:
  • Beetroot, Tomatoes, Spinach, 
  • Carrots, Raddish, Onion Lettuce 

It really is this simple!!

  • Potatoes
  • Baingan/Eggplant
  • Ivy Gourd/Tendli
  • Tomato Subzi
  • Cauliflower/ Phool Gobhi
  • Cabbage / Patta Gobhi
  • Spinach/Palak
  • Green Peas/Matar
  • Pumpkin / Kaddu
  • Fenugreek Leaves / Methi
  • Capsicum / Shimla Mirch
  • Cluster Beans / Guarfali
  • Sponge Gourd/ Gilki
  • French Beans / Fanasi
  • Bottle Gourd/ Doodhi /Lauki
  • Lady's FInger/ Bhindi
  • Chana Dal / Split Chickpeas
  • Urad Dal / Black Beans
  • Tuar Dal / Pigeon Peas
  • Chole / Chick Peas
  • Chane / Chickpeas Green & Black
  • Chowra / Black Eyed Peas
  • Rajma / Kidney Beans
  • Masoor Dal/ Red Lentils
  • Moong Dal / Yellow / Yellow Moong Beans
  • Moth Beans/ Matki 
  • Mixed Vegetable Dals
  • Mixed Pulses Dal
  • Whole Moong Dal
  • Chapati / Indian Bread /Wheat Roti
  • Rice
  • Jowar Roti
  • Bajra Roti
  • Makki Di Roti
Milk & Milk Products
  • Milk
  • Dahi/Curd
  • Paneer / Cottage Chese - Paneer Bhurji is one of my Favourites
  • Tofu - Pakaau.. I don't like it :-/
  • Buttermilk 
  • Lassi
So there you go... the above Food Groups, as we learnt in school.. Cereals, Pulses, Fruits, Vegetables , Dry Fruits & Snacks are to be a part of our Comprehensive, wholesome healthy Diets!

PS: Do not forget to have Lots of Water & a dose of Exercise 3-4 times a week!!

Ab pata cha gaya na? ke Healthy mein Kya Kya Kha Sakta hai?! 

Cheers! :) 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fitness' Little Instruction Book - 37 Inspiring insights to take control of your Life


As a kid, I remember meticulously going through "Life's little  Instruction Book" by H. Jackson Brown Jr. 
It guided me in many ways & helped me take practical decisions on numerous occasions.It's a great book with a collection of one liners to live a chilled life :) .. the way i like it :) 

Here's a few pointers on My Own , Fitness' little instruction Book: 

Some of these are my own & some I've read somewhere
  1. Remember, every single workout/healthy meal is taking you one step closer to your Goal
  2. Incredible change happens in Life when you decide to take control
  3. Time & Health, are 2 precious assets we don't realize until we lose them
  4. Your Body is the only place you'll be living in.. treat it well & it will treat you well
  5. There are 7 days in a week & "Someday" isn't one of them
  6. No matter how slow you go.. you're lapping the people on the couch
  7. Believe Me: The less Sweets you eat.. the less you crave them.. Guaranteed!
  8. Exercising is like Mutual Fund SIPs.. there's never a right "Time" to start.. Just Start!
  9. Don't consume any Food/beverage that requires advertising to sell
  10. If your food can go Bad, it is Good for you.. If it can't go Bad, it is Bad for you
  11. Do something today that your Future self will thank you for
  12. You are.. What you eat
  13. The difference between Who you are & Who you want to, What You Do to get where you want to be
  14. The Food you eat can be the Most Powerful form of Medicine or the Slowest Form of Poison
  15. Five minutes of exercise is 1000 times better than no exercise
  16. Workout.. because the next 3 months will pass by either ways
  17. If you wan' something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done
  18. Don't reward yourself with Food, you aren't a Dog
  19. Remember, Yesterday, you said Tomorrow
  20. Remember, Gaining Fat was a slow process..losing Fat will take time too
  21. Think of your workouts as important Meetings you've scheduled.. Bosses don't cancel
  22. Remember, even a ONE WHOLE hour of workout is ONLY 4% of your day.. (even 30-40 mins is enough)
  23. What may hurt you today.. will someday be your warm up 
  24. Losing Fat is hard & Staying Fat is hard.. You choose your hard
  25. Discipline is choosing between "What you want NOW" & "What you want MOST"
  26. Good Abs are built in the kitchen
  27. Fat Loss is 30% exercise & 70% healthy eating
  28. If you're tired of Starting over.. Stop Giving up
  29. Shut up & Squat
  30. Remember, the Dress/t-shirt does not make you look fat.. It't the Fat
  31. Exercise.. for the High
  32. Strive for Progress , not Perfection
  33. Remember, every workout/healthy meal is taking you one step closer to your Goal
  34. Eat every 2-3 hours
  35. Never skip breakfast.. Ever
  36. It's better to eat a Vada Pav/packet of chips than to not eat anything at all
  37. Don't consume Coke/Pepsi/soft drinks.. It has insane amounts of Sugar
37 is an Odd number to stop at ..but I choose Quality over Quantity :)


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Demystifying Hairfall & Greying of Hair

"Aee Takluu " .. "Aye Ganjey"  or "Aee Budddhey"   is one of the first innocent insults that a kid in India learns and the same becomes a leading cause of fear and anxiety when one gets into their teens and sees Grey hair or hair strands stuck between their fingers while styling their hair... The insults Takloo.. Buddheey only echo louder and seem tangible this time.. 

Some other insults to describe Balding Pattern include " Aaaju Baaju mein Jhaalar ..beech mein Dollar" or " dekh uske sir pe aaj Chaand niklaay" etc.  

Also, Premature Greying & Hairfall is a bigger concern to our Parents in India , as they get worried about finding an apt Bride/Groom if their Son/Daughter starts showing signs of going Bald or Greying in their early or Late 20s.

Even today people talk to me with protruding eyeballs , in a tone as if they've seen a Ghost on my head pointing out the fact that my Hair has already greyed quite a lot and what could possibly be the cause of this..May be some Saadhu Baba has done Black Magic... or should i say Grey Magic on my Hair ..

I calmly reply ." Yeh hamarey Pitaji ki dane hai .. aur humey bohot pasand hai.. Aap kripaya mere liye tension na len.. nahi to aapke baal bhi safed pad jayengey" . Yes.. My hair really started greying at 18.. but I was never ashamed or bothered about it.. (Chicks Dig the Salt & Pepper look btw ) 

My Barber once told me "Aap bohot zyaada sochte ho to magaj mein Paani zyaada ho gaya hai aapkey.. to baal white ho gaye aapkey" .. Amusing indeed!

So let's go beyond Water in the Magaj, Sadhu Baba's Grey Magic & Let's Demystify Hairfall & Hair Greying. 

For All the Geeks & Science freaks, First Let's look at process of Hair & Natural Hair Colour Formation: 

Initially, hair is white. It gets its natural color from a type of pigment called melanin. The formation of melanin begins before birth. The natural color of our hair depends upon the distribution, type and amount of melanin in the middle layer of the hair shaft or cortex.

Hair has only two types of pigments: dark (eumelanin) and light (phaeomelanin). They blend together to make up the wide range of hair colors.

Melanin is made up of specialized pigment cells called melanocytes. They position themselves at the openings on the skin’s surface through which hair grows (follicles). Each hair grows from a single follicle.

As the hair is being formed, melanocytes inject pigment (melanin) into cells containing keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up our hair, skin, and nails. Throughout the years, melanocyctes continue to inject pigment into the hair’s keratin, giving it a colorful hue.

With age comes a reduction of melanin. The hair turns gray and eventually white.

Fact: The age at which you'll see your first Grey hair is mainly determined by your Genes.
You will mostly see your first grey hair around the same time that your parents saw it in their lives. Now if that's at 18 , you know whom to Blame for this.
Mom: Nobody will marry a guy/girl with a head full of grey hair
You:  Mom/Dad/Dadaji/Dadimaa .. it's all your fault!!!  Don't blame me.

Intrinsic Factors that affect Greying & Hairloss: 
  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Age
Fact" You can't do much to reverse the changes that intrinsic factors have on your hair greying or falling off

Extrinsic Factors that affect Greying & Hairloss: 
  • Climate 
  • Pollutants
  • Toxins
  • Chemical Exposure
Fact & Good News: You have full control over the extrinsic factors that affect hair greying & hairloss. There's lots you can do to significantly slow down the process.

Bottomline & the things you can do to help reduce the rate of Hairfall & Greying: 
  1. Greying has nothing to do with any Disease or any other severe condition in most cases
  2. Greying is mainly hereditary 
  3. Smoking is known to increase the rate of greying & hairloss
  4. Start eating more of Real Food (Fruits, Vegetables, Roti, Subzi, Dal Rice)  & less of Food like substances i.e. McDonals, KFC, Sugary Food, Processed Foods etc. 
  5. Biotin, a water soluble vitamin of the B complex, encourages hair and scalp health.  Dietary sources of biotin include nuts, brown rice and oats.
  6. Walnuts are a rich source of Good Fats & Biotin , both of which help in reducing the rate of hairfall
  7. Spinach:  The iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C in spinach help keep hair follicles healthy and scalp oils circulating.
  8. Iron is also essential for hair growth and can be found in  green leafy vegetables, leeks, cashews, dried fruits, figs, and berries.  To help your body absorb iron, you’ll need enough vitamin C.
  9. Carrots are rich in beta carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A. When it comes to your hair, vitamin A helps produce scalp-sustaining oils, according to WebMD.
  10. Exercise: It increses circulation of nutrients & promotes regeneration of Better & Stronger fresh & new Cells in our Body
And here's a tip for all the Guys: 

If you've started Balding  or are already Bald, you sure as hell start working on your Body& become Vin Diesel!!
Below pic for your reference!