Friday, November 18, 2011

Burn Calories WITHOUT moving your Butt !!

Sounds too good to be True?? But it is!! Let me show you how it's done!

Retain your existing Muscles:

Yes. Please do everything within your reach to retain your muscles that your body has built (by default or by going to the gym..And by "Muscles" i don't mean only the HUGE man made Gym Muscles... but also the natural Evolution gifted muscles that every average body has).

Why retain your existing Muscle??
Here's why..... Numbers won't lie:
A lot of Theoretical and empirical research has been done on "How many calories, a pound of muscle burns" (Without moving your Butt). These numbers range anywhere from 6 to 50 . Let's take a simple average of 28 Calories.
So, Assume, that for one year , you follow certain guidelines ( I know you're waiting for these guidelines) and ensure that your body doesn't get rid of or use your own muscle for energy to fuel your day to day functioning.

1 pound of Muscle burns 28 Calories/day.
1 kg of Muscle burns 28*2 = 56 Calories/day (Approx)
So if you retain 2 kgs of muscle in the next 1 year , you will have burnt 20,440 Calories (Without moving your Butt)
Also, remember 3500 Cals = 1 Pound of Fat?
So you will have prevented Approx 3 kgs of fat (Without moving your Butt) from accumulating in your body by retaining Approx 2 kgs of Muscle.

Do this for 10 years and u have prevented 30 kgs of fat from being added by retaining 20 kgs of muscle.( Benefits would be much more than this.. I am not a Mathemagician)

Instead if you were to lose the 2 kgs of muscle by Crash Dieting:
  • 1 year down the line you would have 3 extra kgs of fat in your body minus the ability to burn extra calories because you have lost those 2 kgs of muscle.
  • Also, your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) would have dropped because of losing muscle. 
  • You cant keep going beyond losing some amount of fat because at some point your BMR will slow and down and you will stop losing fat 
  • Your skin will look loose and saggy from the muscle that was lost ( wont happen in just 2 kgs.. needs more muscle loss)
Now you understand, why a lot of people, who as they age ,try and eat less to maintain their "Weight" succeed in remaining at the same WEIGHT but seem to look skinny-fat (Can see fat under the skin but aren't blown up like truly Fat People)  and become frail with saggy skin. That's because over the years  a lot of muscle is lost and a lot of fat is gained. But net result on the weighing scale (that they always considered most important) doesn't change significantly.

Also, think about it...  if you lose your muscles, what will hold your bones together??

You'll need a stick to walk, even if you aren't too fat. Imagine the pain of a person who ate less all his life to not become fat and be at the same "Weight" , but ended up losing a lot of his muscle and adding fat in the bargain and walking with a stick even before he touches 60.
I hope nobody needs a stick to walk.. ever...!!

So make sure you retain your Muscles.
By now I'm sure you're screaming : "How do I retain my Muscles , Bhushan??????
This will be answered in Part 2 of Burn Calories WITHOUT moving your Butt !! ... stick around..


  1. mereko part 2 chahiye abhi ke abhich !!

  2. Thanks for the initial post. Although this totally seems like the "to be continued..." sign at the end of a season for a series. Cant wait for the next post !

  3. @Anand and Jeet: Part 2 comes out on Sunday!! cheers

  4. it will be sunday in 1 hr 33 min:).. waiting:)..

  5. i go to build muscle first

  6. @ Naresh: whether you build muscle or not... you must not forget to save your existing muscles atleast.

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