Sunday, November 13, 2011

LOSE 15 Kgs in 30 Days!!!.. Yes!!! it's Possible !!

Yes!!! It is possible to lose 15 kgs in 30 days... in fact we can easily take this to 20-25 kgs...
a few days back... my friend who works with an airline came to me and said " Bhushan... I have my weight check in 3 days... and I am 2 kgs overweight.. I need to loose these 2 kgs else I might get a warning letter from the company...or I may even get grounded... :( " ..

For immediate damage control...I told him... not to worry( Tension nai leneka ) and do exactly what I tell him, for the next 3 days till the weight check... My advice to him was...  ( This was to be done only till his weight check and not a minute more..)

  1. Stop eating Carbohydrates
  2. Limit your water intake.. 
  3. Do an hour of Low Intensity Cardio 1- 2 hours before the weight check... sweat as much as you can.. 

Then came the day of the weight check.... and as I had expected...
The Doc was stunned on how he had managed to lose 2 kgs in 3 days!!!

He was super excited and said... boss if i do this for 15 days i'll lose 15 more kgs!! Let me do it...
I said If you want to look cadaverous ... Fall sick... and lose your muscle .. and gain double the fat back when u stop this buffoon like behaviour...  go may lose 15 kgs in 20-30 days..!!... I had to explain in detail why this wasn't good for him...

Now.. Why did he lose the 2 kgs in 3 days!!??

Answer: The storage form of glucose in muscles and the liver is GLYCOGEN , which also holds WATER... If you limit your carbohydrate intake .. the body uses up a lot of the glycogen... and thus releases the water that holds it in the muscles... ( effectively you are losing your glucose and water... not Fat)...... Imagine it as: Sugars cannot be stored in your body as crystals like in your kitchen to the tea leaves...they are stored as a solution... so if the sugars go.. the water goes rapidly....and so the Weight Drops dramatically....

If you continue doing this... your body will eventually run out of glycogen... and will get a distress signal... that YOU ARE STARVING.... so the body will slow down its metabloism.... The Brain will then tell the body to store most of what you put in your mouth as Fat .. to be stored for days when u will get nothing to eat ( This is the body's natural Famine protection mechanism.. Hence it is important to eat something every 3 hours..a lot on this in the upcoming posts)... So... At some point of time the body will have no option but to dip into its FAT sources for energy... which is a much more efficient source of energy than Carbs.. Why? Because:
1 gm of Carbs = 4 Calories
1 gm of Fat = 9 Calories
 But Fat is the least preferred source of energy to be used by the body because the body sees it as a Source of energy stored for days when we wont be able to get food for long hours or even days... ( This is because..Our body inside still functions as if we were Nomads..yes) ... So your body will use a combination of your own Muscle and Fat as a source of energy (Significantly more muscle and less fat)....

Effect:  You see that the scale is showing a drastic weight loss... and u think u are losing fat... but you are truly losing weight ... less fat and a lot of Lean Body Mass (LBM = etc.) ..
You will eventually get dark circle...have saggy skin all over your body because of muscle loss... and will fall sick... Also, as explained earlier.. since FAT is the LEAST PREFERRED Source of energy... once you start your Carb intake ... you will gain the water weight back... and reach the same level you were at earlier... but this time you will have even more FAT that the body has added to take care of any such Starvation that happens in the future... yes... the Human Body is insanely intelligent!!

After listening to all of this.. he said... " Haan theek hai.... chalo.. I wont do this Stop Carbohydrate Business " .. Thank God!!...

If you are an Engineer like me and are still not convinced... Let me do the Math for you... :D
1 Pound of Fat = Approx 0.5 kg (Approx baba!!)

So to lose 1 pound of fat , you need to burn 3500 Calories...
Even if u reduce/Burn 500 Calories everyday... you will Lose 1 pound of fat in 7 days (500 x 7 = 3500) .. and approx 1 kg in 15 days... This is the most healthiest way to lose fat...
If you lose more than 1 kg of weight per week... you are most probably losing your muscle and water along with the fat... and that's not good becuase muscles themselves burn calories and hold your body together in the long run....

So.. I hope you won't fall prey to such advertisements and claims from today... remember  ... Anything more than 1 kg per week...  Danger!!


  1. One of the best blogs i read so far on this loose weight in 30 days gimmick.....fantastic explaination.....truly an eye opener......

    I am gonna share this with as many possible...

    Keep it coming bhushan......:-) :-)


  2. dude i am comin to you,,for weight loss...:)

  3. on weight gain please...:D

  4. Hmmmm u know i will one day someday walk up to u asking boss i need to lose 2 kgs in three days .. but that wont be like 20 years from now.. until then my question remains Bhushan I need to gain weight.. plz plz plz.. more articles on weight gain..

  5. Jayesh Bhai.... u can email or call me anytime for anything you need.. :)

  6. @Amey... a lot is yet to come in the upcoming posts.. your suggestions are noted . Thanks!

  7. @Anand: You are a true Ectomorph... I know how difficult it is for ectomorphs to gain muscle... but the bright side is; because your BMR is naturally high, you wont have to worry a lot about putting on FAT! So I'd suggest, start lifting weights and most importantly EAT EAT EAT EAT... everything that is Stationary or Moving. Cheers!

  8. bhushan sir, some guidance please!!!!! the best blog ever read on weight loss..... too good ya....

  9. man what r u doing here - Billy Joel

  10. Hi Bhushan,
    Thanks for posting this article.
    I always wondered how is it possible to loose so much weight and was kinda thinking of getting in to some thing like this but your article clarifies it all.

  11. thanks Jeegar... good to know that i cud be of help..

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