Saturday, November 26, 2011

Use it or Lose it.. Don't Confuse it!! Remember the Fractured hand??

Is it wrong to just focus on walking/swimming/cycling and not doing anything else for your body?
I know a lot of people who say.. " I'll just walk" , "I'll just cycle" , "I'll just swim" and "I'll just do Yoga". Good for them, they're better off than people who don't do any of those things. So don't stop doing what you are doing, because some/any form of exercise is better than No Exercise for the body.

Then why must you hit the gym? Aren't you wasting your time there? Are these people who go to the gym really "Obsessed" and crazy to lift "Weights"? Are they victims of a conspiracy?
I know you know that the answers to all the above questions is a big emphatic NO!!

There are Two reasons why a person goes to the gym:
  1. To have a physique / figure that drives the respective opposite sex crazzy!!
  2. For becoming Physically Fit
1 is quite self explanatory. The core of the 2nd reason is what i am going to discuss.So, How does a person become physically fit by going to the gym?
At the core of fitness are our Muscles, attached to the bones. Even the HUMAN HEART is a Muscle!!
And all the muscles in our body have a "Use it or Lose it principle".

Simply put, the use it or lose it principle means: If you do not use your muscles, your brain will send a signal to your body to throw away that muscle. Why does the body throw away the muscle?? Tell me, If you don't need something , would you carry it around in your hand all day??NO right?? Exactly !! Why should the human body be different internally then?

Remember, as a child you fractured your hand/leg. Then the doc plastered up the hand/leg that was fractured. After a month, when the plaster came off , did you notice that your fractured hand/leg was significantly smaller in size/girth than the other fit hand/leg? Why does this happen?This happens because of Muscle Atrophy.
Muscle Atrophy is nothing bu loss of muscles , due to its lack of use or any other reason.

This is why Nadal has a huge left arm but a smaller right arm. Simply because the body carries only the muscle it thinks is necessary and required. If Nadal were to hit equal number of shots with equal force , with the right hand as well, his body would have kept the same amount of muscles in his right arm.

Now imagine , if you don't do some form of resistance training, you are simply telling your body to throw away all the precious muscle , because you are not using it. You may not realize the importance of regular plain muscles before you reach 40. ( Yes you'll realize by 40.. not 50 or 60).

This is why , only Walking, Swimming , Cycling wont do justice to your body if you are keen on being fit and healthy throughout your life. In fact, you may have seen people who regularly go for walks for 20-30 years but still are not strong enough to support their bodies and need a stick to walk. This is because, Walking may give your heart exercise and strengthen it... but what about the muscles that hold your bones , body and posture together?? You didn't use them enough to encourage your body to hold on to them.. so it throws the muscles away..

You can prevent that from happening by doing some form of strength/resistance training like, lifting weights, doing Calisthenics (Body weight exercise like Push ups, pull ups, squats etc.). In the previous post , I have discussed the importance of retaining muscles.So Work out and use your muscles, else the body will simply get rid of them!!


  1. Nice..I never noticed the the difference between Nadal's left and right arms,now I know the reason too :)

  2. Wow..Nadal was a good example. A bit off topic, I don't know if you have heard of 'Crossfit', It's like a 'fitness game/competition' with their own philosophy, check it out! I'm curious to know your thoughts on that.

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