Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sugar Substitutes: Killing you.. Making you Fat and even causing Diabetes!

Before you get taken for a ride by a dusky Bollywood Beauty claiming to be in shape by substituting regular sugar with an artificial sweetener, let me remind you that the same bollywood beauty also endorsed a certain brand of sports shoes that claimed to firm up your butts, thighs and calves, simply by walking in them... If only losing fat were so easy... why would there be so many obese people on earth??(Reebok to pay $25Mn

Walking in those shoes is not going to harm you, but unfortunately the same dusky beauty, knowingly or knowingly, is endorsing Sugar Free / Artificial Sweeteners that can harm you and actually make you Fat!!or even worse.. Kill You!!
Shocked ?? You have all reason to be .. and I will tell you why it is so harmful. I hope after reading this post you will never consume these harmful substances and protect your loved ones by not letting them consume this white powder in attractive packaging...

To know more about side effects of Aspartame you may refer to the following Document listing Symptoms Attributed to Aspartame in complaints submitted to the FDA   or visit  or you may read The straight talk about Aspartame or simply google "Aspartame" and take a call.

 However, as a fitness expert i will focus only on "What happens when you consume Sugar Free, Nutra sweet etc"

Here I'd like to refer a study done by Scientists at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana that links Artificial Sweeteners to weight gain.

I will stick to this Purdue research, as a reason to avoid artificial sweeteners because we have concrete evidence for this link, apart from a lot of other disputable evidence that proves Aspartame/artificial sweeteners to be the reason for Cancer,tumors, headaches, rashes, chest pain, dizziness etc. ( Yes.. 92 of them) even by the World Natural Health Organization website!! ( Again , I leave it to your research and intelligence).

But let's talk about this study that links artificial sweeteners to weight gain.Let me make it simple for you to understand , what it is that you gain weight in spite of using artificial sweeteners. I'm sure you have a lot of people around you that religiously consume only artificial sweeteners but seem to get only Fatter and gain more weight year after year.( I know you are picturing these people right now).

Let's break it down. When you eat a medium sized banana , your body expects to get some solid substance in your mouth, few grams of fiber, few grams of carbohydrates, few grams of fats etc. to make a total of around 70-80 Calories.So, you eat the banana, body gets its nutrients, it is happy and wont crave more food for some time.

Now imagine, if you were to simply put a drop of Banana Essence, that is used for flavoring ice creams or cereal, on your tongue.What happens then??
  • Brain sends a signal to the body that a banana is incoming
  • Brain tells the body to expect 70-80 Calories consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber etc. and instructs it to get ready to process it
Now the body gets ready to process the 70-80 calories coming from the banana, but Where is the Banana??? There is no banana!! Only the essence, which fools the body and confuses it.. So after consuming the artificial sweetener, the body simply craves more food and will expend less energy!! Continuous consumption of artificial sweeteners degrades the body's ability to predict the number of calories consumed in a meal and may result in consumption of extra calories.This will result in gaining fat.

Another Medscape Research also links artificial sweeteners to 2 fold increase in Diabetes

Now the question comes, why haven't these artificial sweeteners been banned?
My personal view is , for the same reason that cigarettes are not yet banned.
As a fitness professional, I will never ever recommend Artificial Sweeteners to anybody and I suggest you do the same. Also, now that you are aware of the ill effects of Sugar Free, Nutra Sweet etc, please spread this as much as you can and save your loved ones from suffering that may come along with consumption of Artificial Sweeteners.

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