Sunday, May 13, 2012

Demystifying Mangoes

There's a lot I've heard from many, about how mangoes are good/bad for you, and how by eating a mango one can attract Evil Spirits or communicate with Angels. Hence I hereby Demystify Mango , today!

Yes! The season of mangoes is here when  Mango sellers
roam around empty streets  on hot afternoons,

I remember as a kid, at night while I was asleep,  I dreamt of having a Mango Milkshake the next morning along with my breakfast. Not only that , I also dreamt of swimming in a big pool full of Mango Milkshake till I drank all of it! I'm sure you've dreamt this dream to.. if not.. well.. you weren't too imaginative. It's never too late. I still get the dream sometimes, in summers.

And not matter what Katrina Kaif tells you or does whilst being dressed skimpily with a bottle and some yellow colored fluid filled with sugar preservatives and essence , nothing can match the taste of a yummy REAL Mango!

Interestingly the name Mango has its roots in the Tamil word Mangai or Mankay. When the Portuguese traders set shop in India, they decide to use the name Manga .


So let me tell you, why you should eat Mangoes and not feel guilty about it.

  1. Mango is rich in Prebiotic Fiber, which works on the digestive system and is beneficial to our health
  2. Mango pulp contains Phytochemicals which may be beneficial in reducing the risk of Cancer & Stroke.
  3. According to new research, Mangoes are effective in Preventing and even Stopping growth of Cancer Cells 
    • They fight leukemia, lung and prostate cancers to a certain extent, but work best in fighting  common breast and colon cancers.
  4. Mango is an excellent source of Vitamin A.Just 100 gms of the mad fruit gives you 25% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin A. And we've studied and forgotten the following benefits of Vitamin A: 
    • Good Vision
    • Good Immunity
    • Healthy Bones & Teeth
    • Healthy Reproductive system
    • Antioxidant properties
  5. Mango is a great source of Potassium. And we've studied and forgotten the following benefits of Potassium
    • Regulating Blood Pressure
    • Healthy Brain Function
    • Probable role in prevention of Kidney Stones
  6. Mango Peels have antioxidant properties which can help in fighting a long list of what can go wrong inside our bodies ( More on Antioxidants here)
  7. Mangoes are a great source of Vitamin C , which again acts as an antioxidant and improves immunity

Now , another thing.. We all have been doing this since our childhood. We keep the mangoes immersed in water for an amount of time that each of our Mothers feel appropriate, ranging from an hour to 12 hours.

I haven't found any scientific evidence outlining the benefits of this exercise, but my sense is , keep doing it. Let the heat, if any, that might harm us,  present inside the mango , Out. Why take a chance. So go ahead and enjoy the King of Fruits this summer and many more yet to come.

And, while eating Aaam Ras + Puri, go easy on the Puris. 




  1. nicely written bro.... But i would like to tell you that i read in the newspaper that this year mangoes have been covered with a chemical powder so that it does not get spoiled.... so what is your suggestion on this ??

  2. Hi Nukunj,

    This is an external action beyond my & your control.
    I suggest you buy mangoes from known vendors or from Organic Fruits/Vegetable Dealers.