Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marathon Runner vs Sprinter (Part 2) - Train like a Sprinter for Fat Loss

So, as I concluded in my last Post "Marathon Runner vs Sprinter"  , here's how you can Train Like a Sprinter.
Also, another advantage of training like a Sprinter is  that You will start looking like one too!!

This happens due to the Principle of Adaptation.

Keeping the jargon aside and to put it simply, this Principle says that , The body adapts / reacts to Loads / activity that it is subjected to, by making itself more capable of handling the same activity the next time.

This adaption takes place during sleep/rest/when we provide our bodies proper nutrition and take care of it.

( Hence the fact that Muscles do not actually grow in the gym... they grow when they heal and become stronger when you rest & recover from the work out by giving your body the right nutrition. )

Coming back to the point. Ya, so, to look like a sprinter, you must train like one.
A sprinter, runs hard and gives it his/her all for 30 sec/ 60 sec/ 2 mins/3 mins. So to make the body stronger and capable of doing this, you must train in a similar manner.

Hence, I introduce you to "High Intensity Interval Training" ( H I I T):


  1.  You burn more calories. Higher the intensiy of the exercise, more calories will be burnt.
  2. You burn calories even after you finish working out . Regular low intensity training only burns calories while you are for eg. walking. Once you stop, the calorie burning stops, where as HIIT also results in burning calories after you workout
  3. Your Metabolism will shoot through the roof, which will result in better results of Fat loss and calorie Burning off the field
  4. You Heart becomes stronger. HIIT challenges your heart much more than regular cardio and actually makes your heart stronger. As your heart adapts, it will result in a lower Resting Heart rate, which means it will work more efficiently i.e. it will PUMP MORE VOLUME OF BLOOD in One Beat !!
  5. YOU SAVE TIME!!! Regular cardio takes 45-60 minutes. I know people who walk for 1.5 -2 hours !! But HIIT Takes only 20 Minutes!!  
  6. You don't need any additional equipment
  7. You wont get Bored!
There are two ways in which you can do your cardio workout:
  1. Low Intensity Long Duration ( For e.g.: Walkingfor 45 -60 mins)
  2. High Istensity Short Duration ( For e.g.  HIIT using any form of cardio) 
One can perform this type of training with his/her current form of cardio. IT can be Cycling, Swimming , Walking, Elliptical Trainer etc.). 

What is HIIT?
It is very simple. You can perform HIIT by alternating small bursts of high intensity training with some time of  lower intensity training in between those bursts.

Here's a Sample HIIT 18 minute Training schedule: 
Let's take Walking for example: 

  • Minutes 1 to 4 : Walk.. gradually Brisk walk.
  • Next 30 sec: Run/ Sprint as hard as you can.. Run for your life .. Run like hell ( As we've heard from Pink Floyd) .. Run like a deer who runs for his life from a Lion/ Tiger.. Run like a thug running away from the police..Ok.. I think you got the picture
  • 4min 30 sec to 8 min 30 sec: Walk/ Jog/ Brisk walk ( Whatever you your comfortable with.. your choice )   
  • Next 30 sec:  Run/ Sprint as hard as you can.. Run for your life ... you knw what i'm talking about
  • 9 min to 13 min:  Walk/ Jog/ Brisk walk ( Whatever you your comfortable with.. your choice ) 
  • 13 min 30 sec to 14 minutes:  Run/ Sprint as hard as you can.. Run for your life 
  • 14 mins to 18 minutes: Cool down.. Brisk walk/ walk..
And it's over! .. Don't be deceived by the " only 30 seconds " of giving it all... Try it for yourself. It isn't very easy to give your 100%  to running for 30 seconds. Also, make sure that the intense bursts are long and hard enough to make you feel huffed and puffed after the 30 seconds.. else you aren't doing it right...

Here's a sentence test : " I ran so fast that I cant speak this sentence in one breath" If you can speak this sentence in one breath, may be you didn't sprint hard enough.

You can apply HIIT to any form of cardio like cycling /swimming/ walking / rowing etc.
As you progress on this path, you can increase the duration of the high intensity bouts or the number of high intensity bouts etc. over time , you will be able to gauge your body well and know what it can , and cannot handle. 

Do this thrice a week and see the fat melting away from your body whilst shooting up your metabolism and increasing your energy levels throughout the day!!

All the Best.

Also remember , Interval training is not appropriate for all. If you have a chronic health condition, heart condition, or other exercise specific injuries or if you haven't been exercising regularly, consult your doctor before trying any type of interval training.


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