Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eating Rice and Roti Together : A Crime?

The fitness industry is filled with self proclaimed Fitness Gurus such as myself . Some are professionally educated on this subject (again, such as myself) and some aren't . Also, remember , just because somebody is educated in Fitness and has a degree to show , doesn't mean his word can be followed blindly. Never hesitate to ask the  Fitness Guru  "WHY?",  for whatever advice he/she is doling out, free of cost or especially if you are paying for it. It's your right to know the RATIONALE behind What he/she is telling you to do/follow "Religiously".

It's painful to see how many people "Religiously" follow something that their expert trainer has told them to do/not do. When these people tell me , they are following this for the past 1 month , and I ask them WHY? Sadly I get no answer.

Which brings me to debunking another myth today. I tried searching for some rationale behind this belief held by most people, including myself, till I found no answer for it and hence I do not recommend this to my clients.

I say go ahead and freak out on eating Rice and Roti together. I tried hard but couldn't get an answer from any reliable credible source as to why Rice and Roti must not be eaten together.

Moreover this is one of those things which wont play a major role in your quest for a healthier life , if you aren't taking care of more important things. What's the point in avoiding Rice and Roti together, if you don't avoid Pizzas, Burgers, Frankies and French Fries. Focus on taking care of those issues. They're far more important and will make a bigger difference in your health and appearance than "Not eating Rice and Roti together"

Here's a list of common hazardous combinations and simple reasons for why they should be avoided:

  1. Avoid eating Fruits with other solid foods: Fruits contain sugars. Sugars are not digested in the stomach but are directly sent to the intestine. Now, if fruits are eaten with other foods like rice, dal, roti , vegetables etc. , the sugar from them gets held up in the stomach and starts fermenting. Cool right? Ever tried getting high on fruits after a heavy lunch or a dinner? Worth a shot!
  2. Avoid consuming Milk with anything else:  Milk, on entering the stomach coagulates into curd. If taken with other food, the curd insulates other food from digestive juices and hence delays other food digestion, till the curd gets digested.
  3. Avoid Eating more than one type of Protein together: Different types of Proteins require different treatment with regard to digestive juices for digestion. For example: Cheese may be treated with strong juices in the first few minutes and mild juices later , Meat may be treated with mild juices initially  and with strong juices as the hours go by. So, avoid eating Meat and Eggs together, or Eggs & Cheese together etc.
  4. Avoid Fats & Proteins together: Because Proteins require heavy duty digestion in action and Fats suppress the action of digestive glands .
  5. Avoid Acidic fruits with Carbohydrates and Proteins: Acidic fruits like Pineapples , grapefruits, oranges, sour plums, peaches etc.  , when taken, destroy Pepsin(degrades food proteins into peptides) or inhibit digestive juices secretion , thus making it difficult for Carbohydrates & Proteins to get digested easily.

And a few tips on healthy Food Consumption: 
  • Try to eat fewer varieties of food in one sitting
  • Eat smaller frequent meals
  • Chew your food to an almost liquid state  ( I need to keep this in mind as I am a fasr eater, for God knows what,  and I don't chew my food enough)
Now Nowww! If you know anything backed by research/evidence on the Rice & Roti myth , do let me know!


  1. Hi Bhushan,
    Can you post a healthy diet for a complete vegetarian like me. I would like to have something which will have all protiens and vitamins. I go to gym in morning have a heavy breakfast. I would need high calcium consumption since my bike riding passion has lead to having a fracture in my hands. I found this Blog very useful. Good Work Bhushan Keep up the good job. I am reading fractured hand post next :-0

  2. Hi Dhaval!
    Great to know you find my posts helpful.
    Foods high in calcium include:
    2.Sesame Seeds
    3.Green Vegetables (Spinach, Broccoli)
    4.Dried Herbs
    5. Milk & Milk Products

    Take rest. Get well soon. All the best!

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  5. Well roti nd rice both r very imp for health complex carbs,fiber nd some amino acids in rice but dont overdo it eat different grains wheat,barley,corn,millets but if u r gluten intolerent than avoid wheat nd switch to rice{white/brown}

  6. Hi Bhushan,
    I find your blog very informative.I actually wanted to know if consuming rotis is harmful for health? I have read that the carb content in roti/rice is way too high.. should one stick with consuming only vegetables and fruits throughout the day?

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