Saturday, June 1, 2013

5 Reasons why YOU SHOULD NOT Workout

Working out is bad for your health. It can lead to a lot of complications. It may result in loss of ability in performing day to day activities... ya Right!

Now that I've got your attention , let me tell you 5 things that WILL DEFINITELY  happen if you don't work out. By "Work out" I mean any sort Physical Exercise. By "Physical exercise" I mean some sort of Resistance training done regularly (these could be simple body weight exercises , not necessarily performed in the gym) . By "regularly" I mean , even if it's just thrice a week ( I think this is reasonable) .

Ya, so if you don't work out ( Resistance training) regularly , here's 5 things that will surely happen:

1. Muscle Loss (or Sarcopenia in Medical terms):
Here's what Sacropenia is: As your body ages , it tends to get rid of extra muscle that isn't being used. The human body is very intelligent. It learns from experience. If it learns that you aren't using a particular muscle for some activity , it will react by getting rid of it. This happens because the body is always working towards increasing efficiency in internal functioning  and getting rid of something it doesn't need is ,well, efficient. Now, that doesn't mean you start drinking heavily to make your Liver "work" .
So here's the cycle: 
Lack of exercise--> Muscle Loss--> Musculoskeletal Weakness--> Loss of Stamina--> Lack of exercise.

Bottomline: Regular Exercise is by far the most effective way to fight Sarcopenia. You must exercise to preserve your muscles so you don't need a stick to walk when you get old!

2.You will be on the Treadmill / Elliptical trainer/ Cycle etc. for hours, thinking it will help you burn off the Fat!
This happens to a lot of people, who wan't to be lean, toned, healthy & fit and ready to work towards it. They hear "Doing 1 hour of Cardio (typically walking) will help them burn the fat. But this isn't what happens.

  • Typically long duration cardio (over 40-50 minutes) cannibalizes YOUR OWN MUSCLE for energy to fuel that workout. This will lead to muscle loss and less muscle = fewer calories burnt at rest.
  • By doing long hours of cardio, you are training your body to become efficient at lower intensity long duration training which DOES NOT NEED MUSCLES , but needs FAT. So your body will again systematically reduce the MUSCLE & increase the FAT in your body. Check out the difference between the bodies of a professional sprinter and a professional marathon runner: 

  • This happens because, your body looks like and becomes WHAT you train it for. If you train it for Sprinting , which requires short burst of energy over 15-20 seconds , which is supplied by MUSCLES , it will add more muscles and
  • If you train your body to walk/jog for 60 minutes , which requires steady supply of energy over a long period, it will add fat and throw the muscle ( Again , here the body is intelligent and thinks that if you are going to be running for 60 minutes and not use the Muscles, it's better to get rid of it.)

Bottomline: If you only focus on long hours of Cardiovascular exercise , your body will also end up looking like a marathon runner by getting rid of the muscles and storing the Fat required to fuel your cardio workout. This is the reason why you see some people who have been walking for 60 minutes everyday for the past 10 years and you see NO CHANGE in their bodies.

3. Reduced Metabolism:
Your Resting Metabolic Rate or Metabolism is nothing but the number of Calories your body burns to ensure smooth functioning of internal processes i.e. breathing, digestion, heart beating , breaking down of nutrients , cell production etc.

If you do not exercise, you will lose your muscles. Muscles burn more calories at rest, than Fat.

  • 1 pound of muscle burns 35 Calories a day
  • 1 pound of Fat burns 2 Calories a day

Bottomline: If you lose your muscles your metabolism will slow down. This will result in more difficulty in losing weight.

4. Mood Issues:
IF you don't exercise, you will have Issues with managing your Moods & the general Feel Good Factor in your life, because Exercising results in:

  • Reduced Stress: Exercising releases Norepinephrine, which helps the brain in managing stress.
  • Boosts Feel Good hormones : Exercising releases Endorphins which give you a natural "High"
  • Improved Self Confidence: No brainer! Exercising makes you feel good about Yourself. 
  • Help control Addiction: Exercising is known to help control addiction to smoking and other vices
  • Improved Sleep: Exercising helps you sleep like a Baby. Sleeping like a baby makes yo feel good , improves your mood and promotes general well being
Bottomline: All of the points listed above

5. Other reasons:

There are several other reasons but "Five" seemed like a nice number to capture your attention. The above four however comprehensively cover the reasons why you SHOULD WORKOUT and what will happen over the years if you DO NOT WORKOUT. 

As a wise woman on being asked by her boss "Can you bet your life on this?" replied "I wouldn't bet my Life on anything , but I'm quite sure about this Mr. XYZ "...The same way , I am sure about all that I have written in this post , Mr Reader !!

Although this analogy wasn't required here, I felt like writing this because it's MY Blog & I can write whatever I want , wherever I want! :)

All the best!


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