Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weight kam horaay.. lekin Yeh kam nai horaay.. Kya karneka?

I'm sure you all know what "Yeh" is in the phrase "Vajan kam horaay lekin YEH kam nai horaay.. YEH is each persons body area where Fat is located , typically, Waist, Buttocks, Thighs, Chest, Neck etc. ... Most people point towards their Love Handles & Say "YEH" kam nai horaaay...

Essentially there's a difference between Weight Loss & Losing YEH ... YEH is nothing but Fat accumulated in your body... Let me clarify: 
  • Weight : Consists of Bones, Muscles, Fat, Hair, Skin, Water, Organs etc. 
  • YEH: only FAT
  • Weight Loss: Losing a combination of everything that comprises Weight
  • Fat Loss: Losing YEH 
Fundamentally we need to get out of the "Weight Loss" mindset & get into the "Yeh Loss" /"Fat Loss" 

Losing YEH should be the ultimate goal. Weight really doesn't matter. You could be weighing 100 Kgs, but having a Body Fat percentage of only 10% , which is brilliant!! because 90 kgs of your body would be Bones, Muscle, skin hair etc. & 10 kg YEH..which is awesome!

YEH loss is much much much more important than Weight Loss. 

Now let's evaluate some reasons why you might be losing WEIGHT but not YEH.

  1. Crash Dieting:  If you are not giving your body enough Food every 2-3 hours , your body will cannibalize your own muscle for energy, which will result in Muscle Loss. This in turn will reduce your Weight but not your YEH
  2. No Resistance Training Exercise: Not doing Weight training will not challenge your muscles. Since the body only keeps what it needs & throws away what it doesn't need, it will throw away your precious Muscle. This in turn will reduce your Weight but not your YEH
  3. Eating less Carbohydrates:  Carbohydrates bind with Water. So if you stop consuming Carbohydrates, your body will lose water & become weaker. This will definitely result in redution of your Weight but not your Yeh
  4. Not consuming enough water: Unless you are a Boxer who is trying to get qualified in a lower weight category , not consuming enough water is a crime. I've seen people in the gym who do not consume water for an hour while working out & then check their weight to make themselves happy..SERIOUSLY???!!!   More than 70% of your body is water. If you don't consume adequate water it will reduce your weight temporarily but Never ever reduce your YEH.
  5. Not consuming enough Protein:  This will result in deterioration of Muscles in your body , which will in turn reduce your Weight but not your YEH
  6. Not getting enough Sleep:  Sleeping well is essential for your body's rest & recovery. If your body doesn't rest & recover well, it will result in muscle loss & loss of weight , but no loss of YEH
You must've gathered by now , that for losing YEH you need to essentially do some form of resistance training, consume adequate amount of Proteins & Carbohydrates ( DOn't shy away from Rice etc.) & get adequate rest.


If you are losing WEIGHT but not losing YEH, you are either Starving yourself and not getting enough nutrition or you are not doing some form of Resistance Training!!