Saturday, March 22, 2014

5 Most Common Nutrition Mistakes

The three pillars for seeing Continuous & Visible change in your Body ( Both internally & Externally) are:
  1. Resistance Training/ Strength Training
  2. Cardiovascular exercise  
  3. Following a Healthy Diet
Don't follow any one of the above & you won't achieve your goal of becoming Fit (Both internally & Externally).

Now you might say some of the most beefed up men in my gym don't do cardio at all still they have a mind blowing physique..

Sure , challenge them to a 5 minute Jog & See what happens to them!

Coming back to what today's post is about... NUTRITION MISTAKES!

Following are the common nutrition/diet planning mistakes one must avoid :

1. Consuming a lot of Fruit Juice:

While it may seem healthy , but Fruits contain a lot of Sugar. This is No reason to avoid them, but Fruit Juice is like consuming Fruits without all the other good things that come along with eating a whole fruit. Read: Fiber. 

Now consider this.How much time & effort does it take to EAT one Sweet Lime (Mosambi) or an Orange (Santra).. Takes time right? and you keep chewing endlessly.. That's good. That stuff you chew & swallow is good for you. Also, fills you up. Most people cant eat more than one Orange or one Sweetlime at one go.

Now imagine having a glass of Orange/Sweetlime juice which you consume in 10-15 seconds. That contains the juice of atleast 3-4 whole fruits.
Essentially you are consuming the sugar present in 3-4 fruits at one go without consuming the fibre that comes along with it .. Not very Good.. Still better than Coke & Pepsi I guess... although it might contain similar proportions of Sugar .. but it doesn't have the other harmful Chemicals.

2. Eating only once/twice a day in pursuit of cutting calorie intake

Leaving a very long gap between Meals pushes the body into Starvation Mode(SM). Once in SM, the body thinks, since I've got this meal after a gap of 6 hours, who knows when I will get the next meal. could be 8 hours, could be 10, could be 18 or even 24. Hence, being the intelligent machine that it is, our Body works on mitigating any effects of Non-availability of food, by storing some amount of Food that is ingested after a long gap, as FAT that can be used as a source of energy if Food doesn't arrive in the next 8, 10, 12 or even 24 hours.

But in today's age , you have food readily available. Hence, you want to tell the body to NOT STORE and in fact burn away the extra fat as you don't need it. You want to tell the body to rev up your metabolism & burn calories and not Slow down your metabolism & conserve Calories!!

Hence, you must eat 5-6 small frequently spread over the day to avoid getting into SM..
Goes without saying : portions need to be in control.

3. Letting one small insignificant  piece of Cake destroy you completely

This has happened to all of us. It's your Boss' Birthday & you cannot refuse the piece of Cake that he/she is offering. Right after having that small piece of cake, which will in no way affect your entire Daily Meal plan since it is a small negligible part of the entire day's Food consumption, we think it's the end of the world & my nutrition planning has gone down the drain for the day.. might as well eat everything I can today & start afresh tomorrow... tomorrow gets postponed to Monday .. to next week.. to next month & then New Years!!

Think about it.. that insignificant small piece of cake that did not do any harm to you has pushed you behind by weeks , months or even Years.

It really doesn't matter , as long as you are eating healthy 90% of the time.. 10% of unhealthy food consumption will not drag you down.. 90% of the healthy food consumption id what will really drive Results..

So don't let one small bite of cake/junk food ruin your entire plan for the day.. just chill .. keep calm & continue. :) 

Think about it. if you have a small setback at work.. Do you Quit your Job completely??.. right..

4. Not carrying Food from Home
What options do you have in India.. All outside food is full of Oil & Color ( Pink/Green/Yellow etc.). Everything seems to be topped up with Amul Butter.. Everything tastes the same.. Amul Butter!

Eating healthy outside is a challenge! Carrying Food in Dabbas is a challenge. Carrying food for times other than Lunch also is a Challenge! My Bag contains atleast 4-5 dabbas  as per meal timings.. But that's the price you pay for keeping Fit & healthy.. Starving is not an option & except for a few places that serve really wholesome food ( hard to find though) , all ther food is full of Oil/Color/Butter /Stale Food.

But i assure you, once you start eating home food & continue to do it for sometime, you'll start missing it when you need to eat out..

Consuming Home ka lunch will not make you lethargic & lazy'll uplift you. Try it & see the difference!!

5. Eating only for Pleasure/Dopamine Release ALL THE TIME

I am not saying that one must not have comfort food that soothes your brain (releases dopamine & gives you instant pleasure, although short lived , leaving you Uncomfortable later ) , but eating every meal for this purpose will not help you..

Every meal need not be a Burger/Pizza/Samosa etc. Most times it is important to eat for the right reason i.e. providing the Body with wholesome complete nutrition. Pleasant Taste is an added pleasure always, but Taste shouldn't be the number one criteria for choosing the food you wish to consume..

There's a simple reason why we Hate Healthy food .. it's because we compare it with Greasy SUgary unhealthy Food that gives us immense immediate Pleasure.

The day you stop Comparing Healthy Food with Junk Food , You Win!!

There's a better way for getting the dopamine high.. Try Exercise!


  1. Comes in at the right time when i am grappling with sugar addiction (read desserts after meals) while i am nursing bad ankle and knee..

  2. Brilliant one yet again...... I have seen teh difference myself..... dabba food makes me feel soo goodd....the day we have team lunch and we go for buffets I hate it....... my productivity at work gets a hit.... totally agree with you on that.... I stuck to home food, healthy food, and I lost considerable amount of unwanted fat....but my issue, I don't work out... and I feel terrible about it.... I need to get going there!!

  3. Gr8 post Bhushan.. will keep me n sahil going in the right direction!

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