Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fitness' Little Instruction Book - 37 Inspiring insights to take control of your Life


As a kid, I remember meticulously going through "Life's little  Instruction Book" by H. Jackson Brown Jr. 
It guided me in many ways & helped me take practical decisions on numerous occasions.It's a great book with a collection of one liners to live a chilled life :) .. the way i like it :) 

Here's a few pointers on My Own , Fitness' little instruction Book: 

Some of these are my own & some I've read somewhere
  1. Remember, every single workout/healthy meal is taking you one step closer to your Goal
  2. Incredible change happens in Life when you decide to take control
  3. Time & Health, are 2 precious assets we don't realize until we lose them
  4. Your Body is the only place you'll be living in.. treat it well & it will treat you well
  5. There are 7 days in a week & "Someday" isn't one of them
  6. No matter how slow you go.. you're lapping the people on the couch
  7. Believe Me: The less Sweets you eat.. the less you crave them.. Guaranteed!
  8. Exercising is like Mutual Fund SIPs.. there's never a right "Time" to start.. Just Start!
  9. Don't consume any Food/beverage that requires advertising to sell
  10. If your food can go Bad, it is Good for you.. If it can't go Bad, it is Bad for you
  11. Do something today that your Future self will thank you for
  12. You are.. What you eat
  13. The difference between Who you are & Who you want to, What You Do to get where you want to be
  14. The Food you eat can be the Most Powerful form of Medicine or the Slowest Form of Poison
  15. Five minutes of exercise is 1000 times better than no exercise
  16. Workout.. because the next 3 months will pass by either ways
  17. If you wan' something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done
  18. Don't reward yourself with Food, you aren't a Dog
  19. Remember, Yesterday, you said Tomorrow
  20. Remember, Gaining Fat was a slow process..losing Fat will take time too
  21. Think of your workouts as important Meetings you've scheduled.. Bosses don't cancel
  22. Remember, even a ONE WHOLE hour of workout is ONLY 4% of your day.. (even 30-40 mins is enough)
  23. What may hurt you today.. will someday be your warm up 
  24. Losing Fat is hard & Staying Fat is hard.. You choose your hard
  25. Discipline is choosing between "What you want NOW" & "What you want MOST"
  26. Good Abs are built in the kitchen
  27. Fat Loss is 30% exercise & 70% healthy eating
  28. If you're tired of Starting over.. Stop Giving up
  29. Shut up & Squat
  30. Remember, the Dress/t-shirt does not make you look fat.. It't the Fat
  31. Exercise.. for the High
  32. Strive for Progress , not Perfection
  33. Remember, every workout/healthy meal is taking you one step closer to your Goal
  34. Eat every 2-3 hours
  35. Never skip breakfast.. Ever
  36. It's better to eat a Vada Pav/packet of chips than to not eat anything at all
  37. Don't consume Coke/Pepsi/soft drinks.. It has insane amounts of Sugar
37 is an Odd number to stop at ..but I choose Quality over Quantity :)