Saturday, December 12, 2015

What people that achieve Results, Do !! - The First Step when starting your Fitness Journey.

It is awesome to see that you have finally decided to change your life for the better.. to start your Fitness journey .. to change your life for the better.. to get FIT !!

(If you are reading this, I am assuming you've either decided to get fit or are already on the path) 

When I say Fitness, I mean either going to the Gym or any place else, or doing functional training i.e. some form of Resistance Training that challenges your Body's muscles, just the same way that running challenges your Heart, which too is a muscle like any other.

Now let's see what most people do at the start of their Fitness journey: 
  1. Join a Gym
  2. Join a Gym and go to the gym
  3. Join a Gym and go to the Gym regularly 
Awesome if you're one of the people , part of point 3 above, Good for you !

Chances are you will soon slip into being a part of the group in point 1 & 2 , if you don't do the following activity I'll be talking about.

Ever thought , what makes people quit working out? why do they hate it so much? Why do people give up so soon? 

So you look around & see so many people in your locality you've been seeing "Walking" daily.. but seem to be getting nowhere. You see so many people "Working Out " daily, but seem to be getting no where.

But let me tell you one thing.. these people are wayyy wayy ahead of people not doing anything, that's for sure.

So, why then, do so many people not reach their goals, in spite of putting in so much effort, day after day, month after month & year after year. ?? 

It's because, they themselves don't know what they are Striving for!! 
What they are working for.. !! what they are grinding for.. !!

It's so unfortunate to see so many people , putting in so much work only to be disheartened & eventually give up on their dreams, when all it takes is one thing... Identifying & Specifying the dream in as much details as possible... so that you know how to achieve it!

Most people start working out to "Get Fit"  ... or to "Improve their fitness" or " Look better" or " run faster" etc. 

But this isn't enough..and This is not only about Fitness, we do this in our regular life too.. we think about making "More money"  living  the "Good Life" .. having the " Best of things" in life etc. 

But you are really really not going anywhere with such mediocre vague goals in mind..
it is important to face the reality of WHY we don't think specific Goals.. 
the truth is.. WE ARE SCARED.. yes, we are scared of thinking a particular specific Goal and not achieving it.. we are scared of dreaming big and specially specifically big in terms of numbers & not achieving it.. think about it..
Here's a quick reality check!

Just tell yourself " I own a 7000 sqft Duplex in BKC , valued at 30 crores". You are laughing at this , right? you feel this is unattainable , right? That's the real issue. You don't think it is achievable , so you never will , really, achieve it..

This is true for everything in life.. Now think about all the things you have achieved..You'll realize that you achieved all of those things, because in your heart, you really thought you could achieve it, you could see it.. clearly, specifically with all the details and hence, You really achieved it!

So, is the truth, in case of your Fitness Journey.

So, get your Pen & a fresh Fitness Note Book out and write down your Specific Dream !!

I am not talking about " Losing weight.. Looking better.. Being fit " nonsense.
I am talking about Real Dreams, Real Goals, that will push you to the next steps of making a Real Plan, Because, " Going to the gym daily " is not a plan!!

So, here's what your Goal and next steps should look like: 

I personally did this at the start of my fitness Journey: 

  1.  12th December 2015: I am currently weighing 91 Kgs and my Goal is to lose 16 Kgs and reach my target weight of 75 kgs
  2.  Assuming a healthy FAT loss of 0.5 kg  per week, I will achieve this in the next 32 weeks i.e. 8 months from today
  3. I will reach my target weight by 23rd July 2016. 
Here's what my journey is: 
Sr no. Date Weight
1 12-Dec-15 91
2 19-Dec-15 90.5
3 26-Dec-15 90
4 02-Jan-16 89.5
5 09-Jan-16 89
6 16-Jan-16 88.5
7 23-Jan-16 88
8 30-Jan-16 87.5
9 06-Feb-16 87
10 13-Feb-16 86.5
11 20-Feb-16 86
12 27-Feb-16 85.5
13 05-Mar-16 85
14 12-Mar-16 84.5
15 19-Mar-16 84
16 26-Mar-16 83.5
17 02-Apr-16 83
18 09-Apr-16 82.5
19 16-Apr-16 82
20 23-Apr-16 81.5
21 30-Apr-16 81
22 07-May-16 80.5
23 14-May-16 80
24 21-May-16 79.5
25 28-May-16 79
26 04-Jun-16 78.5
27 11-Jun-16 78
28 18-Jun-16 77.5
29 25-Jun-16 77
30 02-Jul-16 76.5
31 09-Jul-16 76
32 16-Jul-16 75.5
33 23-Jul-16 75

Suddenly, you now think it is achievable, don't you?? 

Now, the next steps: How do you lose 500 gms of fat per week?

Again, Get into the Specifics !!

  1. Measure your body Fat percentage:  
    You need to know, how much importance you need to give to WEIGHT & to BODY FAT
  2. Say your body fat percentage is 25%, here's how you calculate your BMR.
    BMR or Basal Metbolic Rate
    is the amount of calories your body burns every day for his normal body functioning (Basal Metabolic Rate)  i.e. Respiration , Cardiovascular function, digestion, moving around , internal body chemical reactions , to maintain body temperature and for millions of other things that happen inside our bodies.
  3. For Men: 1.0 x bodyweight (kg) x 24 = A
  4. For Women: 0.9 x bodyweight (kg) x 24 = A
  5. So, 1.0 x 91 x 24 = 1965 
  6. Multiply A with your "Lean Factor Multiplier" 
  7. Lean Factor Multiplier
  8. A x 0.9 ( assuming Male at 25% Body Fat%) =  B = BMR
  9. So, 1965 x 0.9 =  1769 = my BMR
  10. Now calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) , depending on your activity level throughout the Day
  11. So, BMR* Activity Multiplier = TDEE
  12. Daily Activity Multiplier
  13. So, Assuming I am moderately active ..i.e. with an Activity Multiplier of 1.6
  14. So, My BMR = 1769 Calories
  15. SO, My TDEE = BMR x 1.6 = 1769 x 1.6 = 2830
So, 2830 Calories is my Daily requirement of Food, if i want to neither Lose nor Gain weight.

Now , Coming back to the part of losing 0.5 kg of Fat every week.

  1. My BMR = 1769
  2. My TDEE= 2830
  3. I eat food for 7 days  ..Assuming there are 7 days in our lives :)  .. which actually is !
  4. 1 pound of Fat is approximately 3500 Calories
  5. So, I have to create a deficit of 3500  Calories in 7 days i.e. 1 week.
  6. So 3500 Dicided by 7 i.e 3500/7 = 500 Calories of Deficit every day 
  7. Hence to lose 1 Pound of Fat approx 0.5 kg every week, I need to consume 2830 - 500 = 2330 Calories every day

There You have it, You need to consume 2330 Calories every day to help you reach a Goal of losing 0.5 Kgs every week !!

If you do the above calculations , there is no place for Results to Hide !!
After all, Fat Loss is no Magic, but simple Math & Science.

And Yes, the best of Nutritionists & Fitness Trainers follow this methodically for Guaranteed Results.
I am not talking about the " Half cut fruits & hand full of peanuts .. and Cup of Black Coffee etc .." But the real ones!

Yes, unless you want to end up disappointed , you will have to this.

Hence.. Get off your Butt.. Get a Pen.. Get a Notebook, Get a Calculator & get into the Details. There is no running away from this if you want sure shot Guaranteed Results week after week.

As for me, I'm figuring out , how to buy that 30 cr. Duplex in BKC.. 

Other people living next o me in the same paparazzi proof complex are .. Uday Kotak, Gautam Adani , Sonam Kapoor  , Aishwarya Bachhan & Vikram Pandit. ( they have already bough their Villas here) 


All the Best!



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